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Rebecca Minor Painting
We have both been painting and drawing all of our lives. It was in art class at the University of Minnesota- Duluth that we first met. Sharing a love of art has kept us together for more than twenty-seven years.

When working on a painting, we often serve as each others mentor, giving each other critques and advice.

In addition to our love of art, we both enjoy nature and the outdoors. This love is refelected in our work.

Currently, our work is along Lake Superior's North Shore Northwoods Pioneer Gallery and Gifts, in Castle Danger, MN, just south of Gooseberry Falls.

Life is what we are all about. When we are are not busy working on art, we are occupied raising our nine children. The celebration of life, the celebration of love and the celebration of Gods grace in our lives is what we hope is reflected in our work.

Thank you for viewing our artwork.

Brian Minor and Rebecca Minor
Brian Minor painting in studio

2014 Minor Fine Art