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A Day in the Twin Ports
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These are a series of six limited edition prints. The edition is striclty limited to 350 signed and numbered prints by the artists.
Each print measures 17" x 12-3/4". Click on the painting below to view a higher resolution scan of the work and to find ordering information.

JL Mauthe Departure Limited Edition Print

17"x12-3/4" print, Strictly limited to 350 signed and numbered prints by the artist, Rebecca Minor.

This print is produced by the offset printing method on 100 lb. glossy stock.

$45.00 plus shipping
"JL Mauthe Departure"
The Mauthe slips out of Duluth harbor on a foggy morning that enshrouds the top of the aerial lift bridge. As spectators watch, the J.L. Mauthe departs from Duluth under its famous aerial lift bridge. Fog shrouds the top of the bridge as a gull circles lazily overhead.
Brian Minor, artist

Click on the image above to see a higher resolution image.